EPDM Rubber Seals and Gaskets

EPDM gaskets is commonly used in seals and gaskets due to its excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, UV exposure, and aging. It’s also known for its good chemical resistance and flexibility over a wide temperature range. EPDM seals and gaskets find applications in automotive, construction, aerospace, and various industrial sectors.

The material’s properties make it suitable for outdoor use and environments where exposure to harsh elements is expected. EPDM seals and gaskets are often used in automotive weatherstripping, window seals, door seals, and various industrial sealing applications.

EPDM’s key advantages include:

  • Excellent weather resistance: EPDM can withstand exposure to sunlight, ozone, and extreme temperatures without degradation.
  • Good chemical resistance: EPDM is resistant to many chemicals, acids, and alkalis.
  • Flexibility: It remains flexible even at low temperatures, making it suitable for sealing applications where movement is expected.
  • Longevity: EPDM has a long service life due to its resistance to weathering and aging.
  • Cost-effectiveness: EPDM is relatively inexpensive compared to some other elastomers while offering excellent performance.

EPDM seals and gaskets are typically manufactured through processes such as extrusion, molding, or die cutting, depending on the specific application requirements. They come in various shapes, sizes, and profiles to accommodate different sealing needs.

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